The 18th International Conference on Thermoelectrics
August 29 through September 2, 1999
Hyatt Regency, Inner Harbor
Baltimore, Maryland


Monday, 8/30/1999

Posters boards will be available for preliminary poster session set-up at 3:30 p.m.
in the Atrium/Harborview Area. The poster session will begin at 6:00 p.m.

Session I, T. Hogan - Bulk Materials I    
A. Anukhin MO-PS.01      Component Distribution During The Melting Of Solid Solutions (Bi,Sb)2Te3 Grown From The Excessive Tellurium Melt
O.N. Uryupin MO-PS.O9 Transverse Nernst-Ettingshausen Coefficients of Tin Doped Bismuth Single Crystals
G. Sumanasekera MO-PS.33 Thermoelectric Properties Of Bi Infiltrated Opal-based Host.
H. Suzuki MO-PS.34 Thermoelectric Properties of iron-silicon2 with Oxide-Particles doping
A.T. Burkov MO-PS.41 High-temperature thermoelectric properties of heavy-fermion and mixed-valence compounds CeM2Si2 (M=Cu, Co, Mn, Ni, and Fe).
A. Dauscher MO-PS.42 Structural and thermoelectric properties of pulsed laser deposited PbTe thin films
E. Müller for M. Zhitinskaya MO-PS.47 Extraordinarily High Homogeneity of Electrical Properties of Bi2-xSnxTe3 Single Crystals
H.T. Kaibe MO-PS.48 Electrical and Thermal Properties for P-Type b-FeSi2 with Mn and Al Combination Doping
M. Bartkowiak MO-PS.51 Electronic structure of Sb2Te3 under pressure
J.C. Tedenac MO-PS.52 Mechanical Alloying Lead Telluride Based Materials: Synthesis And Microstructural
Session 2, G. Nolas - Bulk Materials II    
R. Funahashi MO-PS.02 Thermoelectric properties of layered Co-based oxides
M. Ito MO-PS.03 Preparation of Iron Disilicide by Sintering with Cu Addition and Their Thermoelectric Properties
A. Heinrich MO-PS.16 Rhenium Disilicide as Thermoelectric Material
M.G. Kanatzidis MO-PS.17 New Zintl Phases as Possible Thermoelectric Materials : Ba4In8Sb16, Ba6Sn8Sb18.2, and Ba6Ge25
Y. Nagamoto MO-PS.24 Thermoelectric Properties of barium-Inclusion silicon clathrates
A. Yamamoto MO-PS.28 Solid-State Synthesis of Single-Phase Zinc4-Antimony3 Bulk Sample on the Route of the Bulk Mechanical Alloying
A. Kaliazin MO-PS.43 Thermoelectric Properties of Magnesium Stannide with Lead
V. Kuznetsov MO-PS.46 Preparation and Thermoelectric Properties of A8IIB16IIIB30IV Clathrate Compounds.
H. Anno MO-PS.58 Transport Properties of CoSb3 Doped with Magnetic Impurities Fe and Ni
Session 3, Bartkowiak - Low-D Materials I    
A. Khitun MO-PS.O4 Thermoelectric Figure of Merit Enhancement in Si and SiGe Quantum Wires due to Spatial Confinement of Acoustic Phonons
J.B. Ketterson MO-PS.45 Bi Substitution Effects on Sb2Te3 Thin Films on CdTe(111) and GaAs(111)*
A. Gulian MO-PS.15 Anisotropic Thermoelectricity in Layered Oxide Materials and Imaging Detectors*
M.G. Kanatzidis MO-PS.18 Synthesis, Structure, and Thermoelectric Properties of New Ternary Pb/Bi/Se Compounds
A. Khitun MO-PS.39 Optimization of the Thermoelectric Properties via Phonon Enginering
A. Zakhidov MO-PS.49 Thermoelectric Properties of p-n Junction Arrays: Thermotransistor Effect*
T.E. Huber MO-PS.53 Making Low Resistance Bismuth Wire Array Composites By High Pressure Injection Of Anodic Alumina
V. Zakordonet MO-PS.59 Influence of Electron and Phonon Drag on Thermoelectric Figure of Merit of Semiconductors with Limited Dimensions.
Y. Boikov MO-PS.37 Epitaxial Bismuth Telluride Based Thin and Thick Films
X. Sun MO-PS.61 Theoretical Modeling Of Thermoelectricity in Bi Nanowires
Session 4, A. Shakouri - Low-D Materials and Phonons    
E. Rogacheva MO-PS.O6 Thermoelectric Characteristics of PbS/EuS Superlattices
G. Chen MO-PS.13 Thermal Conductivity and Heat Conduction in Si/Ge Superlattices*
J.B. Ketterson MO-PS.19 Anisotropic Seebeck and Magneto-Seebeck Coefficients of Bi and BiSb Alloy Thin Films*
T. Ohta MO-PS.25 Thermoelectric Properties Of Silicon Thin Film With Modulated Doping
H. Okumura MO-PS.26 Theoretical Transport Models of Semiconductors
S.B. Schujman PO-PS.30 Getting Rid of Acoustic Phonons in Heat Transport*
M.V. Vedernikov MO-PS.36 Phonon Drag and Inelastic Electron Scattering by Acoustic Phonons in Semiconductor Superlattice
J.B. Ketterson MO-PS.44 Thermoelectric Properties of Artificially Layered (BiSb)2Te3*
K. E. Goodson MO-PS.05 Thermal Characterization of Bi2Te3/Sb2Te3 Superlattices
A.G. Shkorbatov MO-PS.60 The Theory of Point-Contact Phonometer for the Heat Transport in Atomic Scale Contacts
Session 5, J. Stockholm - Devices and Applications    
E. Rogacheva MO-PS.O7 The Improvement of Thermoelectric Properties of Heterophase Alloys Based on Tin Telluride
D.P. Snowden MO-PS.O8 High Temperature Segmenting for Increased Specific Output*
G. Noriega MO-PS.22 Development of A New Experimental Method and Simulation to Know the Thermal And Electric Characteristics of a Peltier Cell
A. Kondo MO-PS.31 New Proposal of Medium Temperature Thermoelectric Conversion in Power Plant
A. Zakhidov MO-PS.32 Design and Fabrication of Periodic Two-component Thermoelectric Nanocomposites and Hybrid Coolers
Y. Iwaisako MO-PS.50 High Performance Production of Bismuth2-Tellurium3 Based Thermoelectric Materials on the Route of the Bulk Mechanical Alloying Method
A. Holopkin MO-PS.55 Integrated Thermoelectric Cooling Modules and Blocks
Y. Hasegawa MO-PS.54 Optical and Electronic Measurements of Carrier and Transport Properties of Bismuth-Antimonide
P.Y. Takhistov MO-PS.57 The Simple Relations to Express Consumer Parameters for Two-Stage Thermoelectric Module Connected in Parallel
Session 6, B. Mathiprakasam - Device and Characterization    
R.J. Buist MO-PS.12 Development of a Burst Voltage Measurement System for High-Resolution Contact Resistance Tests of Thermoelectric Heterojunctions
A. Gulian MO-PS.14 Thermoelectric Seebeck-Effect Based Detectors for Hyperspectral Arrays
P.G. Lau MO-PS.20 Convection Correction Factor Determination for Use With the Transient Test Method for Thermoelectric Modules
O.J. Luste MO-PS.21 Thermoelectric modules: structure, technologies, reliability
G. Chen MO-PS.23 Steady-State and Transient Spot Cooling Using Thermoelectric Microcoolers
Y. Tanji MO-PS.35 Electric and Thermal Contact Resistances of the New Type Thermoelectric Module Assembled by a Screwing Method
L.I. Anatychuk MO-PS.38 Computer simulation of the functionally graded materials for cooling thermoelements with optimal heat sources /sinks distribution
S.M. Gorodetskiy MO-PS.56 Determination of Thermoelectric Module Parameters

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