The 18th International Conference on Thermoelectrics
August 29 through September 2, 1999
Hyatt Regency, Inner Harbor
Baltimore, Maryland


Tuesday, 8/31/1999

Posters boards will be available for preliminary poster session set-up at 9:30 a.m.
in the Atrium/Harborview Area. The poster session will begin at 11:45 a.m.

Session I, H.B. Lyon - Device & Applications I    
H. Huang TU-PS.21      Fabrication of Large Scale FeSi2 Thermoelectric Device
V.I. Nekhoroshev TU-PS.30 Development of Research Project on Environmental Cooling Systems Based on the Peltier Effect
A. Yamamoto TU-PS.32 Thermopipe Concept
I.M. Belov TU-PS.34 Optimization of Peltier Thermocouple Using Distributed Peltier Effect
L.I. Anatychuk TU-PS.35 Thermoelectric distilling apparatus for space application
L.I. Anatychuk TU-PS.37 Thermoelectric cooling modules with extreme characteristics
T. Wartanowicz TU-PS.44 Low Temperature Thermoelectric Cooling System
A. Holopkin TU-PS.55 High Reliability Thermoelectric Cooling Modules
S. Kagawa TU-PS.56 Feasibility study of BiTe Thermoelectric Generator System by using heat transfer oil for Waste Heat
B.S. Malkovich TU-PS.57 Thermoelectric cooling devices based on bismuth telluride alloys in medicine: data of the USSR and Russia patent documentation
Z. Jianzhong TU-PS.61 Thermoelectric Cooler For Space Microgravity Experiment
Session 2, R. Buist - Device and Applications II    
F. Skoropad TU-PS.27 The Metal Amorphous Alloys Thermocouple
A. Khellaf TU-PS.28 Thermocouple Dynamic Measurement Error
A. Khellaf TU-PS.29 Prediction of Thermocouple Optimal Dynamic Performance
V.I. Nekhoroshev TU-PS.31 Influence of Condition to Deformation on Structure and Elektrophysical Cahracteristics of Branches of Thermoelements Tinned by Method of Extrusion from the Solid Solution "n"- Bi2Te3-xSex and "p"Bi0,52Te3Sb 1,48
Y. Hori TU-PS.33 Analysis on thermo-mechanical stress of thermoelectric module
L.I. Anatychuk TU-PS.36 Investigation of possibility of thermoelectric generators with catalytic heat source efficiency increase
L.I. Anatychuk TU-PS.38 Thermoelectric devices for medicine
L.I. Anatychuk TU-PS.52 Thermoelectric Energy Converters, Thermoelements, Element Base of Thermoelectricity
V. Zakordonet TU-PS.59 CANCELLED
V.A. Kutasov TU-PS.19 Improved Thermoelectric Material of n-Type Based on (of bismuth, antimony)2-tellurium3 for Temperatures Below 200 K
Session 3, A. Borshchevsky - Bulk Materials I    
T. Tritt TU-PS.01 Thermoelectric Properties of Sb Doping in TiNiSn Half Heusler System
J. Poon TU-PS.02 Effect of Substitution on the Physical Properties of the Half-Heusler alloy ZrNiSn
M.G. Kanatzidis TU-PS.03 Half Heusler Phases as Potential Thermoelectric Materials
S.D. Mahanti TU-PS.04 Two-band model for transport properties of ZrNiSn and YNiSb
S. Katsuyama TU-PS.05 Thermoelectric Properties of Cobalt-Antimony3 with Oxide Particles Dispersion
D.C. Johnson TU-PS.06 Synthesis of Filled Skutterudite Compounds with Varied Degree of Fillings
W. Shin TU-PS.10 NiO-based Thermoelectric Materials
H. Bando TU-PS.22 XPS Study of Oxidation Process on Bi2-Te3 Surface
D.-B. Hyun TU-PS.53 Zone Inversion in the Bi2Se3 rich side of Bi2 Te3-Bi2 Se3 solid solution
D. Gubser TU-PS.62 An Experimentalist's View of Thermopower - Semi-classical Approach
Session 4, A. Yamamoto - Low-D Materials    
F. Brochin TU-PS.08 Thermoelectric properties of bismuth-silica nanocomposites
R. Kikuchi TU-PS.20 Structural and Thermoelectric Properties of Porous b-FeSi2 Prepared by Thermal Spraying and Sintering
D.R. Rolison TU-PS.25 Investigation of Composite Aerogels as Novel Thermoelectric Materials
K. Stokes TU-PS.26 Synthesis and Electronic Properties of Bismuth Nanoparticles
I. Khayrullin TU-PS.39 Electrochemical Thermoelectric Converters Based on Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanofoam
M. Kozlov TU-PS.40 Preparation and Characterization of Thermoelectric Nanostructures Derived Using Carbon Nano-Molds
S.V. Melnichuk TU-PS.43 Thermoelectric figure of merit of superlattices
M.S. Dresselhaus TU-PS.46 Carrier Pocket Engineering to Design Superior Thermoelectric Materials Using Superlattice Structures
K Scherrer for A. Casian TU-PS.49 Thermoelectric Transport in Multivalley PbTe/PbEuTe Quantum Wells
M. Muhammed TU-PS.60 Synthesis of Nano -Engineered Skutterudites
Session 5, T. Ohta - Bulk Materials II    
J.-P. Fleurial TU-PS.07 Low Thermal Conductivity Filled and Unfilled Skutterudites
T. Tritt TU-PS.14 Microstructural and Microchemical Analysis of AlGaPdMn Quasicrystals
A. Shakouri TU-PS.15 Thermoelectric Power Factor for Electrically Conductive Polymers
H. Yamada TU-PS.16 Effect of Dispersion of Nanosize Silica Fine Powder on the Thermoelectric Properties of Cobalt-Doped Beta-Iron Disilicide
I. Ogawa TU-PS.17 Optical Measurement of Carrier Properties of Indium-Antimonide
I. Nomura TU-PS.18 Transport Coefficient Analysis of Indium-Antimonide
A. Gyulamiryan TU-PS.24 On The Origin of The Anomalous Peak ThermoEMF Temperature Dependence's Near the Superconducting Transition Critical Temperature
L.P. Bulat TU-PS.48 Nonlinear Thermoelectric Phenomena in a Composite Medium
I. Matsubara TU-PS.54 Thermoelectric Properties of Ru-based Oxides with a Layered Structure
Session 6, G.J. Snyder - Characterization    
I. Yonenaga TU-PS.09 Thermal And Electrical Properties Of Czochralski Grown Germanium-Silicon
T. Tritt TU-PS.11 High Temperature Electrical Transport in Al-Pd-Mn Quasicrystals
T. Tritt TU-PS.12 Thermal Conductivity and Hall Measurements of Pentatelluride Materials
T. Tritt TU-PS.13 Measurement of Physical Properties of the Copper-Polytellurides
A. Jeflea TU-PS.23 The Superposed Flash Method For Obtained Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 Thin Thermoelectric Films
O.N. Uryupin TU-PS.41 Influence of Films and Substrates Thermal Expansion Discrepancy on Bismuth Film Thermoelectric Properties
A. Yamamoto TU-PS.42 Thermoelectric Transport Properties Of Porous Silicon Nanostructure
T.M. Ritzer TU-PS.51 Quick Method for Determining the Reliability of a Thermoelectric Module via Pulse Testing

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